Thursday, July 27, 2017

Godfather in the White House

As a rather notorious Godfather freak, and one who believes the classic film from 1972 can be viewed as a Bible for life, I've watched with great interest to the cavalcade of references to it politically of late. To wit:

  • "Fredo" — the name of the traitorous brother to Michael Corleone has been applied alternately to Jared Kushner and Donald Trump's sons.
  • "Consigliere" — Anthony Scaramucci looked like Trump's new family advisor when he arrived at the White House; many quickly recognized that he might make a better "wartime consigliere" given all the ongoing war with the media and Deep State.
  • "Sonny" — Scaramucci tweeted (or did he?) that when he finds the leakers he's going to make Sonny's assassination on the causeway look like a party.
Stay tuned for more references to this great Italian gangster film (that's obviously so much more).

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