Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Fulfillment of Revelation"

"There were rumors of your going to SE Asia to recruit organizers. Is the lack of imagination among my peers reallyso rampant as that suggests or did you get yourself a CIA-sponsored junket to exotica?"

"Genuinely Deep"

"In celebrating the 25th anniversary of our MusiCares Person of the Year tribute, it is most fitting that we are honoring Bob Dylan, whose body of creative work has contributed to America's culture, as well as that of the entire world, in genuinely deep and lasting ways."

"Tyrannized by Men"

Maybe She Missed the Spotlight

Groucho Dances With Diana

Groucho Marx, 76, dances with Diana Ross, 22, in 1966

Monday, September 22, 2014

"Two Weather Geeks"

“This is ridiculous. This should be two weather geeks arguing over a chess game with a cup of tea or whatever you want to drink. The whole thing is blown out, it’s one of the weirdest arguments I’ve ever been involved with, because in the end, there is nothing new under the sun, and nature, not man, rules the climate system.”

Iowa "Going to Be a Donnybrook"

“Both parties are going to put everything into this. And again, the interesting play here will be does the money advantage and does the get out the vote effort that the Democrats have perfected, does it turn out more votes for [Bruce] Braley? The interesting thing is the Republicans, the RNC have been trying to play catch-up in the ground game with data and we haven't seen that yet. Does that appear in this race, as well?”

Republican Joni Ernst

"i never finish anyth'

"Granny's Rhubarb Pie"