Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"Remember When"

Mother was born Memorial Day
Though it wasn't called that then
For some it serves as holiday
For me, remember when.
May 30, 2016

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"I Wasn't Ready"

I wasn't ready for the hugging
Ready for the love
Ready for the golden glow
Coming down from Above.
May 24, 2016

"To Hook a Star"

You cannot become truly smart
Till you know how dumb you are
It's when your world falls apart
You have a chance to hook a star.
May 25, 2016

"How I've Joined the Throng"

Here is where I'll rest my feet
I've been roaming much too long
Please tell every Who you meet
How I've joined the throng.
May 24, 2016

Sunday, May 22, 2016

It's a Miracle!!

My life came crashing down around me recently with a large cup of black McDonald's coffee—flavored blueberry coconut—that lightly splashed my Acer laptop computer.

Blueberry-coconut-flavored coffee on my laptop.

A friend in the booth behind me had asked a political question regarding the chances of #NeverHillary vs. #NeverTrump, and as I turned to enlighten him on that point my arm/finger/sleeve combo took the coffee with it.

My big failing was not lifting the laptop.

The spill didn't seem so great on the actual computer, just in front of it. The McDonald's employee came with a mop and paper towels. I mopped up what I saw, but there was a lingering issue that kept me from lifting my laptop. I'd been meaning to swap out my charger/adapter/cord for a new one for quite some time as it was getting fiddly. In fact, I could barely get it fiddled into a position where it might actually transmit power to my laptop. To lift the computer to clean around it properly might have cut the power I'd spent so much fiddling time to get flowing to it.

The coffee had pooled underneath the computer.

It was only as I closed up shop to move on that I noticed the pool of coffee under the laptop. I didn't think too much about it at the time, not understanding the importance of the fan located there. I did start having fritzy cursor behavior—which evolved into no keyboard response by the next day.

The fan had been spraying coffee into the innards of my computer?

Technically-minded friend #1 explained this to me, as well as suggesting such a spray might short out the motherboard. When I asked if that meant getting another computer—which I'd been contemplating for some time, putting it off as long as possible—he said, quite simply: "Just get a USB keyboard."

That sounded expensive.

But where would I get one of those? Would I have to drive into New Hampshire to find one? Spend $65? "More like $9", defusing my computer/life crisis matter-of-factly. Taking this suggestion to technically-minded friend #2, who was working at the local library at the time, he said: "We have them upstairs. Just disconnect one from the public computers." It was only as I was doing just that I realized I had some of these USB keyboards at home.

Attaching a separate keyboard opened up new worlds.

With the separate keyboard attached via USB cable to my laptop I found I could maneuver both more easily—putting the laptop to the side and placing the keyboard where I could best work it. When using the computer in the car, for example, I could put the laptop in the passenger seat next to me, placing the keyboard in my lap. My computing life had actually improved after the blueberry-coconut-flavored coffee catastrophe.

Then the BEEPING started.

The laptop started BEEPING on first start-up. Next try it would boot up properly. Then it started BEEPING every time I tried booting it up—first time, next time, every time. When I described the sound to technically-minded friend #3 he thought it sounded keyboard-related. This plus the continued fritzy cursor suggested keyboard signals as culprit. A YouTube video showed me how to remove the keyboard with tweezers. "Would I really need to use tweezers?" I asked techie friend #2. "Just RIP IT OUT," he replied (with perhaps a little too much relish).
Busticated keyboard remains

So I RIPPED the keyboard out.

When I got the first layer off I smelled the blueberry-coconut-flavored coffee. Keys went flying everywhere, but I got the connector free. "The connector's key here", techie #2 had informed me.

It booted up (with help from Windows repair function).

I cut a piece of cardboard to tape over the gaping space left by the now ripped-out keyboard. This would protect my computer against any further coffee (or other) assaults. I wrote on it with a Sharpie, to remind myself (and others) how often I'm blessed with things turning out better than I thought they might . .

"It's a miracle!!"

Returning from a medical absence, techie friend #4 mildly debunked the fan-pulling-coffee-into-computer-innards theory of techie friend #1, noting his experience with moisture and computers was almost always related to the keyboard. The fan destroying my laptop from below might therefore be described as a "red herring" in this story.

Perfect Gemini

What makes Donald J. Trump the perfect Gemini are his . .
  1. Lying, lying, lying: not that those born under other Sun signs don't tell the odd fib, it's just that for the Gemini lying is a way of life. Geminis could give seminars on lying. For them it's not really lying, it's just the way you do things.
  2. Looks: even as a craggy, increasingly-old man, he still turns female heads. As a young man he had playboy good looks. Geminis, whatever their faults, are almost always physically attractive.
  3. Amorality: Geminis are always in moral difficulties, infidelity being top of list.*
  4. Split personality: Geminis, the sign of the twins, always have two distinct personalities. For Trump it's his public and private personae.
  5. Money problems: Geminis spend money like water.
  6. Nine lives: Geminis take major hits in life, reinvent themselves, and move on anew. 
  7. Changing minds: Geminis change their minds every five minutes.
What helps a Gemini in a political race—besides their looks—is their ability to communicate. Another Gemini, JFK, said 90% of politics was "sex appeal" (and he should know). And he was a great communicator, something Geminis are known for (think Rubio).

Geminis are also known for their quicksilver intelligence, which when combined with their noted amorality often looks like evil genius (consider Henry Kissinger). JFK was almost scary smart and is often considered one of our most intelligent presidents.

Interestingly, Trump is surrounded by possible Gemini running mates: Rudolph Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, and Marco Rubiomeaning we could have four (4) personalities running the country all at once.

*Trump reportedly did business with Anthony "Fat Tony" Salerno, head of the Genovese crime family.

#NeverHillary or #NeverTrump?

Each side in the 2016 nomination race for president scares voters into a choice based on the likely/apparent/presumptive choice on the other side. What if these opponents fail to materialize, or if something more complicated happens?
Vote #NeverTrump


On the Republican side the scare is #NeverHillary. Whatever the choice may be on our side, we must do whatever we can to prevent Lady Macbeth in Pantsuit from destroying this great country further.

Beyond the possible reality that anybody on the GOP side could beat the weakest presidential candidate in a lifetime, consider that she has . .

  • no successes in her public life, only disasters
  • only one personal success (that became professional/political), that of picking William Jefferson Clinton as a mate
  • completely controverted any feminist principles she might pretend to hold by essentially being the product of a well-chosen-mate
  • no policy positions that excite anyone
  • no policy positions that fail to change depending
  • been accused of murder
  • stolen the White House silver
  • become fabulously wealthy selling the country out, and
. . she could be indicted by the FBI for committing traitorous crimes as Secretary of State. Or she could keel over with health problems. 

More than all that, or perhaps because of it, she's been unable so far to eliminate the threat of a 74-year-old Socialist curmudgeon from the political powerhouse state of Vermont—with its population of 626,562 souls.

What's the chance that she's not the Democrat nominee for president in 2016? What if her unshakable opponent goes independent against her in the general election?
Vote #NeverHillary


No matter how inevitable the Carnival-Barking Colossus might appear to the casual observer, political insiders know that the Republican party has the right and the power—and the responsibility—to choose the candidate they feel best represents them to the country (and the world). Taking whatever political risks this might entail, they can decide they do not want to certify the candidacy of a gate-crashing Democrat from New York.

What if he goes independent?

All this leaves aside the question of a full range of other things that can happen in the course of human events that might change the entire complexion of the 2016 contest.

Amazing Rainbow

Right at the point of deciding which "L" town in New Hampshire I should head to—Littleton for its Walmart or Lancaster for its gathering of fellows—appears this most amazing rainbow.

Wider at its base than any rainbow I'd seen, it also had a more vivid band of colors (not to mention its companion to the right). People were stopping to snap pictures of it. I was trying to, but my camera wasn't cooperating. It kept popping up, presenting itself to me so picturesquely, I knew I must get her done.

I thought maybe it was over Littleton, then Lancaster—but it wasn't clear. As I continued east along the Vermont side of Rte 2, I could see it hovered over Lancaster—as if it was calling me there.

I followed it, my intention being to discover its actual location. It took me high above Lancaster—a town I'd always liked/loved/felt an affinity for—to a set of building lots in a beautiful setting. All the while I was thinking:

"Am I supposed to live here?"

This happened immediately after discovering that a musician friend (who'd been a big part of my Big Coincidences for so long) might have the first name "Michael"* (around which name so many coincidences** have occurred in my life).

*besides meaning "who is like God" in Hebrew—and perhaps because it happens to be my first name—sometimes it pops up several times in a setting/incident, begging me to take notice.
**Whereas the C-ville musician around whom by far my most intense concentration of amazing coincidences clusters has "Michael" as a middle name, and his father's name is "Michael", this C-ville musician's father's name is "Michael" while he himself goes by his middle name—leaving the "M." in the first name place as the only clue to being "most like God".

Sunday, May 15, 2016

"I Know Which Way to Go"

I must have lived
. . here before
Though it was lives ago.

I know the dust,
. . the house, the road
I know which way to go.
May 15, 2016


"A Roof of Thatch"

If I can scratch
A ditty here
In midst of pandemonium
A  roof of thatch
In city dear
Should stand up to plutonium.
May 15, 2016


"In Sight of Golden Dome"

I'll mange a crêpe Suzette
In sight of golden dome
Perhaps I'll sell my 'Vette
To make this town my home.
May 15, 2016