Wednesday, September 02, 2015

"Brown Bodies"

“The socio-legal production of migrant illegality works to systematically dehumanize and exploit these brown bodies for their labor.”
Washington State University

Friday, August 28, 2015

SEPTEMBER SOCIAL FOR WRITERS: Northeast Storytellers Host Event at West Burke’s Historic Library

West Burke, VT - September 12, 2015—Northeast Storytellers, a local group of poetry and prose writers, will host a September Social for writers of all sorts at the historic town library in West Burke, Vermont on Saturday, September 12. This event honoring the changing seasons will take place between noon and 1:30pm. Please join in for readings, friendly critiques, mini workshop sessions, and conversation. Refreshments will be served.

The September Social will be coordinated by Northeast Storyteller founder Brooke Cullen and West Burke Librarian Judy Hishikawa. It will take place at the West Burke Public Library located at 123 VT Rte 5A in West Burke, Vermont (zip code 05871 for GPS). Those who wish to read at this event should contact Brooke by through or 802.751.5432.

The Northeast Storytellers—a group of writers, readers, and appreciators of prose and verse—meet regularly the second Tuesday of every month from 2 to 3pm at the Good Living Senior Center in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. The public is welcome to attend and new members are always encouraged to join.


Contact: Brooke Quillen
Phone: 802-751-5432

Google to the Rescue

I made the leap into Windows 10 Land with the free Microsoft upgrade available to Vista (Windows 7) users, knowing full well the potential risks: unexplained quirks, things I used to be able to do easily that now ain't so easy, etc. The road, frankly, has been bumpy. And this from someone who was really staying open-minded about Microsoft's new relevance with consumers (they've always had the business world nailed down).

Among other things, the WiFi adapter was switching off without apparent reason. Thanks to asking the question of Google—with the query "Windows 10 internet keeps turning off between start-ups"—a post from the very helpful, highly technically-minded Tom Tancredi of Tom's Hardware provided an ordered set of steps to take:
  1. Check Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections then right click properties of the adapter. Click Configure then the Power Management tab. Uncheck to turn off the device to save power. 
  2. Click the Power Icon in the tray, then More Power Options, and click on Hide Additional Plans, then select High performance.
I've done the first one (predictably finding the labels for each of the pages/options to be different than laid out by Tom). I should try the second one, too.

If neither of these helps, it's time to "do some basics". The one I intend to apply soon involves malware:
  1. Download Malwarebytes do a full system scan.
  2. Repeat the AV/Malware scans till the system comes up clean.
I did turn over my laptop, but don't think it needs the "Can Air dust out the bunnies and use paint brush on the vents, coolers, fans, etc." steps.

SEE: Tom's Hardware

Thursday, August 27, 2015


“She has a pretty symbiotic and unique relationship with Hillary. It’s almost mother-daughter.”
Niall O’Dowd, publisher 
Irish America Magazine

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gill Landry Releases Third Solo Album (and Restarts Solo Career)

Gill Landry (a.k.a. Frank Lemon)—the singer/songwriter-guitarist born in Lake Charles, Louisiana who joined Old Crow Medicine Show when founding member Chris "Critter" Fuqua left for treatment in 2004—is apparently no longer with the group.

Landry did not appear onstage with the group in Gilford, New Hampshire as part of the Willie & Family co-headliner tour August 23, 2015—and he no longer appears in the group's line-up or main photo at their website.

I see nothing on this at the Old Crow fans site. Their Facebook page confirms what their official site says. The August 12 Wall Street Journal story on their roots shows a group shot that doesn't include Landry.

In March of 2015 he released his third album as a solo artist.

UPDATE: While I was going back through Landry's tour dates, trying to square them with Old Crow's summer dates—and not finding any cross-overs—I received an e-mail response from one of the publicity people I'd queried for news on all this. She linked me to a piece in Rock Shot entitled "Interview: Gill Landry. I’m Putting My Own Boots On And Taking A Walk" from July 23, 2015.

Apparently his leaving the group did in fact coincide with the release of his latest solo album, which is self-titled. Gill Landry is available at ATO Records online store in digital, CD, and vinyl formats.

Track Listing:
  1. ‘Funeral in My Heart’
  2. ‘Just Like You’
  3. ‘Waiting for Your Love’
  4. ‘Emily’
  5. ‘Take This Body’
  6. ‘Fennario’
  7. ‘Lost Love’
  8. ‘Lately Right Now’
  9. ‘Long Road’
  10. ‘Bad Love’

FOR MORE: The Boot

The Results Are In

The results of spending about $17k per student each year—most in the country last year—the results from Vermont's public school system are in. Vermont students took the Smarter Balanced Assessment test in Spring 2015, and . .

  • Grade 3 — 52 percent proficient and above in math; 52 percent proficient and above in English language arts
  • Grade 4 — 45 percent proficient and above in math; 51 percent proficient and above in English language arts
  • Grade 5 — 42 percent proficient and above in math; 57 percent proficient and above in English language arts
  • Grade 6 — 37 percent proficient and above in math; 53 percent proficient and above in English language arts
  • Grade 7 — 43 percent proficient and above in math; 55 percent proficient and above in English language arts
  • Grade 8 — 40 percent proficient and above in math; 54 percent proficient and above in English language arts
  • Grade 11 — 37 percent proficient and above in math; 58 percent proficient and above in English language arts

SEE: Burlington Free Press