Sunday, November 12, 2017

Muhammad Ali After Beating the "Unbeatable" George Foreman

"Everybody stop talking now, I tell ya. . I told you, all of my critics, I told you all that I was the greatest of all time . . Now just listen . . I told you today, I'm still the greatest of all time . . never again defeat me . . never again say that I'm going to be defeated . . never again bet and make me an underdog, until I'm about 50 years old. Then you might get me. But I didn't dance, I didn't dance for a reason. I wanted to make him lose all his power, I kept tellin' he had no punch, he couldn't hit, he swang like a sissy, he's missin', let me see you box, I hadn't start dancin' yet! You can't say my legs are gone, you can't say I was tired, because what happened? I didn't dance from the second round on. I stayed on the ropes. When I stay on the ropes, you think I'm doin' bad. But I want all boxers to put this in the page of boxing: staying on ropes is a beautiful thing with a heavyweight when you make him shoot his best shot, and you know he's not hittin' ya. I would've gave George Foreman two rounds of steady punchin', because after that he was mine."

Friday, November 03, 2017

Willie Watson Folks the House

Willie Watson @ Higher Ground 11.2.17
Watching Willie Watson do his solo show for the second time at Higher Ground in South Burlington last night, I was impressed by the change in his performance in two short years.

The last time he came through town he was newer to his life as a solo performer with Folk Singer Vol. 1 — following a breakup with Old Crow Medicine Show.

He's added stage presence. He's added schtick. He tells stories; so capably Arlo Guthrie kept coming to mind. Ketch Secor, his former bandmate, and Dave Rawlings  his producer, friend, and fellow bandmate currently  kept popping up, too.*

His singing is better, not that it had much room to grow. I hailed him as one of the all-time folk music greats the instant he went solo  right up there with Pete Seeger and the rest.

His opening song ("Leaving Blues"?) from Folksinger Vol. 2** was a revelation. Who today can render a folk song any better than that?

*and my friend Larry Needle from college (sorry, Larry).
**the first volume did indeed come out with "Folk singer" as two words and the second volume is titled "Folksinger" one word.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

With kindest regards,

From: William Scott

Oct 31, 2017 at 2:10 PM


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I want to invest the money in a good business so that as soon as my service here ends i can live a well fulfilled life. However, i need your advice to invest this money in the right business since I have not being into business though i love business and investment. I am willing to give you a 30% stake for your help, I will make sure its all legal.

Let me know if you need further clarification and I will kindly oblige.

I look forward to your response, have a nice day and remain blessed.

With kindest regards,

Capt. William Scott Farrand