Sunday, May 01, 2016

Open Mic at Phoenix Books in Burlington

For the second time in as many years I crossed the state for the opportunity to share some of my poetry with Burlington appreciators—and my fellow Poetry Society of Vermont (PSOV) members—at an open mic held at Phoenix Books on Saturday, April 23.

The energy, size of the crowd, and number of poets rhyming (like Sam Hewitt, Geoff's nephew) were all good last year, so I thought I'd give it another try.

In the first round, I read from my recent poems (all searchable at this blog):
  • "That Green Roof" life (4.17.16)
  • "Life's a Country Song" life (3.11.16)
  • "Impossible Dreams" life (3.11.16)
  • "A Little Elf" life (3.11.16)
  • "Fasten Your Belt" love (2.5.16)
  • "You Beat Beatrice and Laura" love (2.1.16)
  • "Greatest Unsolved Mystery" love (1.23.16)
For the second round, I read:
The first poem in the second round I read: 1) because we had a poetess with the last name Frost reciting with us; 2) I'd forgotten to read it at the Northeast Storytellers Robert Frost memorial event the week before; and, 3) I'd submitted the poem to PSOV's The Mountain Troubadour last year (without luck). 

The last two I read as examples of my sentence poems.

Amazing Open Mic Experience: 19th Annual Bear Pond Books

Reciting poetry at an open mic can be an amazing experience. Or it can be one of intense agony waiting for the crickets to quiet down, pursed-lipped audience members to depart, and the wound-licking post-catastrophe nobody-liked-my-stuff period to begin.

Thankfully, reading recent poems this past Tuesday at the 19th annual Bear Pond Books open mic—part of the 2016 PoemCity Montpelier—was of the amazing variety. The crowd was fun, ready to laugh, and full of "atta boys" afterwards.

Just my kind of event, indeed.

I read a set of newer stuff (all searchable at this blog), from last Fall up to this April—oldest to newest. Poem titles were:

  • "As You Are Now" love (9.12.15)
  • "My Ardent Plea" life (10.15.15)
  • "Like a Flame" love (11.1.15)
  • "Nothing Much" life (11.12.15)
  • "Cookies" lifestyle (11.12.15)
  • "When Your Dreams All Scatter" life (11.12.15)
  • "Love So Baffling" love (11.14.15)
  • "In the Way" love (12.19.15)
  • "Listen to the Babbling Brook" life (1.17.16)
  • "For All Eternity" life (1.21.16)
  • "Harvest Fire Ants" love (1.22.16)
  • "That Green Roof" life (4.17.16)
Any aspersions I might have cast on the town of Glover, Vermont, career possibilities one might find there—or any possible future Puerto Rican lover—were completely unintended.

I spent much of the night gazing upward—toward the pink-painted roof with the shiny metal heating ducts—admiring the green dragon hanging down. Apparently it's flown there for many years, and may have come from a Montpelier store (Planet Something?) that's now closed. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

"A Chick With an Adam's Apple Named 'Ann'"

A chick with an Adam's apple named "Ann"
Who may have started out life as a "Dan"
Pretends to conservatives
That she's a superlative
As she pimps herself out to Trumpistan.
April 23, 2016

"Riches Untold"

Wealth incomparable
Riches untold
What makes you think I'm speaking
Of silver and gold?
April 23, 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016

"The Man Who Didn't Exist" Now Available at Amazon

Now available on the Amazon Kindle Store is my very first published poetry book (and ebook) "The Man Who Didn't Exist". Offered here, in one enticing package, are fifty nine (59) quatrains on a variety of topics: life, love, lifestyle, place, wheels, logic.

The reason I didn't stuff just one more quatrain in there to bring the total to a more well-rounded total of sixty (60) poems is explained on the very back page of the ebook.

Poems are published in chronological/alphabetical order, from those written in 2001 to those penned in 2014. Each paired with a related image—meant to edify and maintain interest. Each polished over time from repeated readings (some public).

Some of the gems sampled in this soon-to-be-a-classic include:

And that's just from the first year of hits!! To see what else is in store for your poetry-reading—and image-viewing—enjoyment you'll need to click the image in the upper right of this promotional bit.

Why should you buy right now and not wait for the New York Times review? First, because demand might become so great that the Amazon system could shut down. Second, because any quirks or format foibles you find in the first edition might one day be considered desirable by poetry book collectors. Third, the first few printings always come off clearer—or so it used to be, back in the age of inked printings (has there been a change?).

The fact that the author offers a big sloppy kiss on the nose for all buyers of this slim volume might not be considered much of an inducement for some. Nevertheless the offer stands.

Thank you for your consideration. Feel free to return to your normal life—which I assume is still in progress.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

"That Green Roof"

Hey, you there
. . Under that green roof
You've made your home
. . Weatherproof
You live your life
. . So aloof
You think your philosophy
. . Foolproof?
April 17, 2016