The People's Poet

Let me create an original poem to your specifications. Maybe you have someone you wish to woo, or say "I love you" to. Or you feel you owe somebody an apology. Perhaps there's something or someone you wish to commemorate, or an event you'd like to brighten with a story.

You might have any sort of purpose you'd like to serve with a custom poem. A story to tell? A building to open? The queen making a visit to your realm?

The birth of a child . . a wedding . . a death . .

Whatever it may be, I—writer of all manner of poems (short, long, and in the middle; rhyming, free verse, odd mixes of the two) and on all manner of topics (including love)—can help you commemorate it in verse.

I stand by ready to enhance your life with a poem. All you must do is ask . .

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